Step By Step To A State-Of-The-Art CBD Facility Floor

When you have a state-of-the-art CBD facility, you need a state-of-the-art CBD facility floor system. Pharmaceutical, food production, and healthcare facilities require flooring surfaces that are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, non-porous, and seamless for ongoing health and safety and that meet or exceed USDAFDACFIA, and OSHA inspection standards.

Our latest installation for a CBD facility floor required a flooring system designed to withstand contact with toxic substances and minimize the absorption risk while protecting against structural damage to the slab. For this project, a urethane cement and epoxy floor system provided a superior hygienic solution for compressive strength, chemical resistance, and a wide range of thermal shock protection capabilities.

In steps one and two, we prepped the concrete using a CPS machine with 25 Grit Metal Diamonds followed by a bushhammer to create a clean surface profile. We then cleaned and filled the joints with a 2 component, semi-rigid, polyurea control joint filler. These steps ensure proper adherence of coatings to the concrete surface, even application, and long-lasting performance.

Invision-Comcorco-1-floor prep for installing new cbd facility
Invision-Comcorco-2-prep joints and drains in cbd facility floor

For step three, we primed the floors with Sherwin Williams General Polymers 3477 Epoxy Water Emulsion Primer at a spread rate of approximately 3-4 mils (400 SF/gal). We applied it using a 3/8th” nap roller.   This application is acceptable for USDA inspected facilities, can be applied to green concrete and offers excellent adhesion to concrete or wood, breathability, easy spread, and fast cure times.

Invision-Comcorco-4(3)-primer on new cbd facility floor
Invision-Comcorco-3-primer coat for new cbd facility floor

Next, our specialists installed Sherwin Williams FasTop SL23 Self Leveling Urethane Cement at 1/8th inch in step four. We used a Hippo Mixer to make 2-3 kits and then used a gauge rake with #2 cams to spread evenly over the floor surface. We used a spike roller to help release air and allow the product to level correctly. This product provides thermal shock resistance, high abrasion, chemical resistance, and rapid return to service by being quick curing/self-leveling, impact-resistant, moisture insensitive, and HACCP certified.

Invision-Comcorco-4-fast top cementitious urethane on new cbd facility floor
Invision-Comcorco-4(2)-fast top cementitious urethane on new cbd facility floor
Invision-Comcorco-4(3)-top coat cementitious urethane on new cbd facility floor

Step five involved our skilled crew installing the epoxy cove base with a 1″ radius, by hand, in restrooms and rooms that had curbing.

Invision-Comcorco-5-curb radius on new cbd facility floor
Invision-Comcorco-5-cementitious urethane and cove base for new cbd facility floor

Once the FasTopSL23 was cured, step six involved sanding it with 50 Grit Plastic Diamonds in preparation for the epoxy installation and optimal application.

In step seven, we installed the epoxy, Sherwin Williams General Polymers 3579 @ 10 Mils (160 SF/Gal), as a binder resin/grout coat for the urethane topcoat. An application accepted for USDA inspected facilities required our crew to apply it with a squeegee and then back rolled and cross rolled. Due to the epoxy having a 24 hour recoat time, some room floors were not accessible on the same day. In this case, we returned the next day and did a light sand with an 80-100 grit mesh sanding pad to create the topcoat’s proper profile to bond on these floors.

Invision-Comcorco-7-epoxy coat and curb on new cbd facility floor

Finally, in step 8, we installed the topcoat, Sherwin Williams General Polymers 4368 High Solids Polyurethane Floor Enamel at four mils (400 SF/Gal).  We again used an application accepted for USDA inspected facilities, which required a ¼” nap roller for back roll and cross roll. This product provides superior results with UV stability, outstanding chemical, weather, mechanical resistance, excellent wear, high-gloss retention, abrasion and impact resistance, Skydrol resistance, and suitability in USDA inspected facilities.

Invision-Comcorco-8-epoxy coat on new cbd facility floor

Pharmaceutical, food production, and healthcare facilities often have a wide range of demands on their flooring. This advanced Invision-Comcorco CBD facility floor system provides multiple levels of protection and performance.

Are you building a new facility or interested in improving your current flooring? An Invision-Comcorco flooring specialist will listen to your project requirements and offer a customized, superior solution.

To learn more about how Invision-Comcorco Flooring Solutions can provide your business with this type of flooring, call us at (502) 261-8283.

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