Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring

Invision-Comcorco’s certified and experienced industrial floor installers have the technical expertise and work with the industry’s best products. Our flooring installers will discuss your requirements in detail and then explain the benefits and drawbacks of multiple products and manufacturers. You can depend on our state-of-the-art equipment and floor tooling to exceed the highest standards in industrial flooring. Invision-Comcorco can provide versatile and unique solutions for your production facility, equipment, processes, and outputs. We can provide custom electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring, which is especially important within industries where static can cause interference or damage to employees and/or equipment. This flooring solution transfers the electrostatic charge from a person to the floor, which reduces the chance of someone creating a static discharge through physical contact. Overall, our industrial floor systems provide greater safety, compressive strength, chemical resistance, and a wide range of thermal shock protection capabilities that meet USDAFDACFIA, and OSHA standards.  

Count on our superior service to provide successful results. Servicing is the most critical component of your industrial flooring solution. If something goes wrong during the install—if the floor preparation is incorrect, if mixes are inaccurate, or coatings improperly cured between coats—your floor and its longevity will be compromised. We control the process and provide a consistently superior installation on every project. Due to the costs and inconvenience of shutdown time, our specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We have the labor and materials required at a moment’s notice, so you don’t have to wait. Plus, we are ready to work around the clock during planned shutdowns and respond within 24 hours to flooring project requests due to unforeseen facility emergencies or green-lighted projects.

Suitable For:

  • Non-Skid Fork Lift Aisles – Epoxy Mrotar, Thin Milled Epoxy, Slurry
  • Mechanical Rooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Cafeteria & Breakrooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Bathrooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Warehouses – Epoxy Mortar, Thin Milled Epoxy
  • Lobby – Epoxy Flake, Quartz, Metallic Epoxy
  • Kitchens – Urethane Cement, Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Load/Unload Areas – Epoxy Mortar, Slurry, Thin Milled Epoxy

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