Urethane Cement Flooring

Urethane Cement Flooring

A urethane cement flooring system from Invision-Comcorco is the ideal flooring solution if you have an area where there is constant high temperature and high MVT (Moisture Vapor Transmission). We highly recommend urethane cement be installed in food and beverage facilities, including commercial kitchens and production areas. The result is similar to a slurry and can achieve any thickness between 1/16″ and 1/4″. You get an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, nonporous, and seamless floor to meet or exceed USDA and FDA strict health and safety inspection guidelines. 

An Invision-Comcorco urethane cement floor installation turns your floor into a state of the art surface. A urethane cement system provides a safe non-skid texture, which can be top-coated with any other heavy-duty epoxy or urethane for lasting durability. Our seamless hygienic flooring installs quickly over bacteria-ridden quarry tile, VCT, and cement as well. 

The USDA and FDA heavily regulate food and beverage production areas and hold them to the highest cleanliness standards. Our urethane cement flooring systems, installed with flash coving and proper slope, bond deep into the substrate below by seeping into the cement’s pores to create a mechanical bond that will last the life of these areas. This flooring eliminates any possibility to develop mold, odors, and contaminants.

The food and beverage industry requires resilient flooring solutions to withstand some of the most extreme conditions. Floors need to last through heavy loads, significant abrasion, extreme temperatures, processing chemicals, harsh cleaners, and disinfectants. Urethane cement flooring systems are a popular choice for their superior longevity and because they completely cure and are ready to be used within 6 hours after installation. 

Suitable For:

  • Pharmaceutical – Kitchen
  • Food and Beverage – Kitchen
  • Health Care Facilities – Kitchen
  • Schools and Universities – Kitchen
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Kitchen
  • Office Buildings – Kitchen
  • Warehouses – Kitchen
  • Distilleries – Production Areas

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