Epoxy Mortar Flooring

Epoxy Mortar Flooring

An epoxy mortar flooring solution from Invision-Comcorco will extend the life of your floor when you have frequent floor abrasion, wear from a forklift in motion, or constant battering from heavy barrels. Industrial floors take daily abuse, but that’s part of a hard day’s work. Our trowel epoxy will surface spalled concrete or preserve and extend the useful life of new concrete floors. It is used as an adhesive and paste for structural repair, and can fill gaps, cracks and vents in driveways, commercial patios and plazas, and suitable to level uneven floors.

The Invision-Comcorco epoxy mortar system consists of the following components; 100% solid epoxy, solvent, binder, mineral fillers, and some additives in specific measurements depending on the desired properties after curing. This protective coating is what you need for resilient, seamless protection when mechanical abrasion and impact are extreme. It can be installed by hand trowel in confined areas, screed box, and power troweled on open or large spaces. It can be applied over concrete brick, quarry tile or steel, and installed in areas requiring chemical-resistant floors with any desired texture.

The many benefits of an epoxy mortar floor from Invision-Comcorco include excellent compressive strength, superior protection, good adhesion to construction material, relatively fast curing, non-slip and non-sag features, flexibility for desired properties, and a wide range of color designs. The per square foot cost of epoxy mortar floors is tough to beat compared to other types of flooring systems. Since it can be installed directly over concrete, the installation costs are lower than other options. Pricing is one of the most significant advantages an epoxy mortar system can provide.

Suitable For:

  • Pharmaceutical – Mechanical Rooms, Warehouses, Load/Unload Areas
  • Food and Beverage – Mechanical Rooms, Production Areas, Load/Unload Areas
  • Health Care Facilities – Mechanical Rooms, Warehouses
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Non-Skid Fork Lift Aisles, Warehouses, Load/Unload Areas
  • Office Buildings – Cafeteria, Load/Unload Areas
  • Warehouses – Non-Skid Fork Lift Aisles, Production Areas, Load/Unload Areas
  • Distilleries – Load/Unload Areas

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