Epoxy Quartz Flooring

Epoxy Quartz Flooring

Seamless, multi-colored Invision-Comcorco epoxy quartz flooring has found acceptance in a wide variety of applications, including commercial kitchen floors, due to their combination of aesthetic and protective properties. Quartz particles can be mixed into epoxy to meet many different flooring needs. The choice of textures can determine slip-resistance. Texture options include sand-like to bigger aggregates for different levels of durability, traction, and safety. Larger aggregates create more slip-resistance, and can be an ideal, seamless solution for hospitals, lobbies, and areas prone to more moisture, such as commercial kitchens.

As with other Invision-Comcorco epoxy flooring options, our epoxy quartz floors are highly scratch-resistant, incredibly durable, and beautiful. The strength of quartz increases the long-lasting benefit of epoxy, making it a fantastic choice for exterior floors. It offers a decorative and solid bonded structure for patios, driveways, automotive, entertainment venues, hotel decks, vineyards, breweries, and much more. Plus, blended colors of fine sand or aggregate provide endless options of design for an interior or exterior floor. Invision-Comcorco flooring experts can create a colored quartz blend that is custom made to fit your needs. We work with you to get the desired texture and look.

 Finally, combining quartz and epoxy provides terrific value. Many homeowners have come to appreciate and pay more for pure quartz in countertops, sinks and floors. A quartz-epoxy blend floor system offers economic value with greater quality. You get a superior floor with long-lasting durability, easy maintenance, and customized to the look you want.

Suitable For:

  • Pharmaceutical – Clean Rooms, Corridors, Cafeteria, Bathrooms Lobby, Production Areas, Laboratories
  • Food and Beverage – Clean Rooms and Secondary Containment, Corridors, Cafeteria and Breakrooms, Bathrooms, Lobby, Production Areas, Laboratories
  • Health Care Facilities – Corridors, Cafeteria, Bathrooms, Lobby, Laboratories and Surgical Rooms, Kitchens
  • Schools and Universities – Corridors, Cafeteria, Bathrooms, Lobby, Medical Classrooms, Kitchens
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Mechanical Rooms, Cafeteria and Breakrooms, Bathrooms, Lobby, Kitchen
  • Office Buildings – Corridors, Bathrooms, Warehouses, Lobby, Kitchen
  • Warehouses – Corridors, Cafeteria, Bathrooms, Lobby, Clean Rooms, Kitchen
  • Distilleries – Production Areas, Cafeteria and Breakrooms, Bathrooms, Mechanical Rooms, Lobby

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