Distillery & Brewery Flooring

Distillery & Brewery Flooring

Invision-Comcorco provides distillery flooring and brewery flooring options that meet the demands of industrial environments. Distillery and brew floors are exposed to rigorous daily cleaning. Invision-Comcorco’s distillery and brewery floor coatings are antimicrobial and provide compressive strength, chemical resistance, slip resistance, and a wide range of thermal shock protection capabilities. We provide safe, seamless, heavy-duty flooring solutions. Our floor installers assure you that your flooring will be resistant to heavy forklift traffic, significant impacts, the acids found in liquor, and the sugars found in grains, as well as the chemicals used for cleaning. Your distillery and brew flooring solutions will also meet USDAFDACFIA, and OSHA standards. You can trust that your flooring system meets the highest standards and get back to focusing on the other vital details of your operations. 

Invision-Comcorco certified installers will minimize the costs and inconvenience of shutdown time to install your distillery flooring or brewery flooring. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We have the labor and materials required at a moment’s notice, so you never have to wait. Our experienced flooring experts will be ready to work around the clock during planned shutdowns and respond within 24 hours to flooring project requests due to unforeseen facility emergencies or green-lighted projects. You can depend on Invision-Comcorco to be ready at a moment’s notice and provide a flooring system that endures.

Suitable For:

  • Production Areas – Epoxy Flake, Quartz, Slurry, Urethane Cement
  • Load/Unload Areas – Epoxy Mortar, Slurry, Thin Milled Epoxy
  • Cafeteria & Breakrooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Bathrooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Mechanical Rooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Lobby – Epoxy Flake, Quartz, Metallic Epoxy

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