Food & Beverage Flooring

Food and Beverage Flooring

Invision-Comcorco floor installers understand that food and beverage flooring receives daily stress from heat, grease, impact, and constant washing with high-temperature water and chemicals. Even worse, when hot oils spill or metal pots and pans hit the floor, they weaken the flooring surface and create chips or cracks where bacteria can live and breed, especially in weak quarry tile with old moldy grout lines. Our superior floor coatings bond deep into the substrate below by seeping into the cement’s pores to create a mechanical bond that withstands traffic from carts, crates, forklifts and that will last the life of the kitchen. Our heavy-duty food and beverage flooring solutions are impact-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, nonporous, and seamless to prevent chips, leaks and eliminate standing water.

Invision-Comcorco floors meet and exceed the highest USDA, FDA and OSHA standards for inspections. Our expert floor installers provide custom food and beverage flooring for restaurants, commercial kitchens, bakeries, packaging plants, freezers and refrigeration, bottling facilities, and more. We use the highest-quality food processing floor coatings. Our custom food-grade flooring solutions hold up against strong acid and caustic cleaners without being damaged. Certified expert installers ensure the flooring is seamless throughout the facility with the proper slope built in the floor to the drains. Food grade floors include flash coving 4 to 8 inches up the wall, which creates a bathtub effect and protects the rest of the food and beverage area from potential floods and water damage.

Suitable For:

  • Clean Rooms & Secondary Containment- Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Corridors – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Mechanical Rooms – Epoxy Mortar, Slurry, Thin Milled Epoxy
  • Cafeteria & Breakrooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Bathrooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Lobby – Epoxy Flake, Quartz, Metallic Epoxy
  • Production Areas – Epoxy Flake, Quartz, Epoxy Mortar, Urethane Cement
  • Laboratories – Epoxy Flake, Quartz, Slurry
  • Kitchens – Urethane Cement, Slurry, Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Load/Unload Areas – Epoxy Mortar, Slurry, Thin Milled Epoxy

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