Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse Flooring

Invision-Comcorco provides many warehouse flooring options that provide a seamless, safe, easy-to-maintain, heavy-duty, and long-lasting surface for your operations. Commercial warehouse flooring and industrial warehouse flooring require unique solutions, and you can depend on Invision-Comcorco to provide a custom floor system to meet your requirements. Our solutions can be as versatile and different as your warehouse facility, equipment, processes, and outputs.

Our floor installers take great pride in providing custom warehouse flooring solutions that ultimately save you time and money by increasing efficiency in operation, safety performance, and product lifespan. Flooring systems can enhance facility safety by including line striping, safety colors for walkways, and color options to designate certain/different areas within the facility. Our warehouse floor coatings provide compressive strength, chemical resistance, and a wide range of thermal shock protection capabilities that meet USDAFDACFIA, and OSHA standards. An Invision-Comcorco warehouse floor expert will take the time to discuss your needs in detail and then explain the benefits and drawbacks of multiple products and manufacturers.

Suitable For:

  • Corridors – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Non-Skid Fork Lift Aisles – Epoxy Mrotar, Thin Milled Epoxy, Slurry
  • Cafeteria – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Bathrooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Production Areas – Epoxy Mortar, Thin Milled Epoxy, Slurry
  • Lobby – Epoxy Flake, Quartz, Metallic Epoxy
  • Clean Rooms – Epoxy Flake, Quartz
  • Kitchens – Urethane Cement, Epoxy Flake, Quartz, Slurry
  • Load/Unload Areas – Epoxy Mortar, Slurry, Thin Milled Epoxy

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