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Urethane Cement Systems

Urethane Cement Systems

This system is primarily used for kitchens or production areas where there is constant high temperature and high MVT (Moisture Vapor Transmission). It is installed similarly to a slurry achieving any thickness between 1/16” and 1/4”. This system also provides a safe non-skid texture that can be top coated with any other heavier duty Epoxy or Urethane. Invision-Comcorco highly recommends this system in Food and Beverage facilities.

Suitable For:

  • Pharmaceutical - Kitchen
  • Food and Beverage – Kitchen
  • Health Care Facilities – Kitchen
  • Schools and Universities - Kitchen
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Kitchen
  • Office Buildings – Kitchen
  • Warehouses – Kitchen
  • Distilleries – Production Areas


To learn more about how Invision-Comcorco Flooring Solutions can provide your business with this type of flooring, call us at (502) 261-8283.


Urethane Cement Flooring System



Urethane Cement Flooring System
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