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Thin Milled Systems

Thin Milled Systems

Thin Milled epoxy floor systems provide a smooth surface. It’s installed in just a few steps which means that consistent physical properties are maintained through surface depth.

It's a seamless, sanitary, 100% solids liquid epoxy flooring system designed to resurface concrete floors. Provides a tough, non-porous, easy to clean surface that allows repeated washings end decontaminations. It can be coated with a variety of textures and colors. When top coated with an orange peel finish coat, an outstanding look is obtained.

Suitable For:

  • Pharmaceutical - Load/Unload Areas
  • Food and Beverage – Mechanical Rooms, Load/Unload Areas
  • Health Care Facilities – Mechanical Rooms, Warehouses
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Non-Skid Fork Lift Aisles, Warehouses, Load/Unload Areas
  • Office Buildings – Cafeteria, Load/Unload Areas
  • Warehouses – Non-Skid Fork Lift Aisles, Production Areas, Kitchen, Load/Unload Areas
  • Distilleries – Load/Unload Areas


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Thin Milled Flooring System



Thin Milled Epoxy Flooring System
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