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Epoxy Flake Flooring Systems

Epoxy Flake Flooring Systems

A 100% solid epoxy basecoat provides excellent adhesion and strength. The decorative, double broadcasted aggregate is a vinyl chip with non-yellowing properties. A light stable epoxy is used to seal the chip and protect the basecoat and chip from UV degradation. A polyurethane finish coat provides superior wear resistant and unsurpassed gloss and color retention. Vinyl chip colors and blends can be custom made to fit your vision.

This system can be useful for chemical resistant needs.


Suitable For:

  • Pharmaceutical - Clean Rooms, Corridors, Cafeteria, Bathrooms Lobby, Production Areas, Laboratories
  • Food and Beverage – Clean Rooms and Secondary Containment, Corridors, Cafeteria and Breakrooms, Bathrooms, Lobby, Production Areas, Laboratories
  • Health Care Facilities – Corridors, Cafeteria, Bathrooms, Lobby, Laboratories and Surgical Rooms, Kitchens
  • Schools and Universities – Corridors, Cafeteria, Bathrooms, Lobby, Medical Classrooms, Kitchens
  • Industrial Manufacturing – Mechanical Rooms, Cafeteria and Breakrooms, Bathrooms, Lobby, Kitchen
  • Office Buildings – Corridors, Bathrooms, Warehouses, Lobby, Kitchen
  • Warehouses – Corridors, Cafeteria, Bathrooms, Lobby, Clean Rooms, Kitchen
  • Distilleries – Production Areas, Cafeteria and Breakrooms, Bathrooms, Mechanical Rooms, Lobby


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Epoxy Flake Flooring System

Chemical Resistant Flooring Systems


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